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August is here! That means another year of school is about to begin. My calendar doesn’t go from January to December, I roll from August to July. August is like my New Year! You get to start fresh with new classes, new teachers, new schedules, and new motivation to do more!

Habits trump inspiration. Motivation is a burst of momentum, but life is an uphill climb. That push is only going to last so long. You have to improve your actions to maintain that new pace. Think of it this way. At the beginning of the semester, we always see ourselves getting better grades. We feel motivated and get a burst of energy, and it feels good! But the kicker is we usually feel this when there are days or weeks before school even starts. So school rolls around and we settle into old habits. Don’t let this happen to you!

I have experienced it myself, and have seen it more than i’d like in other students. It’s time to start doing something different!

Here are 3 steps to help you have a successful school year and hold on to that motivation all year long!


The first step you have to take is to change your mindset. So much of success is mental. Your attitude impacts your words and it impacts your actions. You have to have that Nix Your Limits mindset. Leave the past where it is and build where you are. If last semester was awesome, that’s a sign you can keep doing better! If last semester was rough, then you know you can do better! Remember, there is no shortage to success. No one else’s success lowers the chances that you can have your own. You’ve got this! Know you can, but know that success loves speed. No progress will come until you start working. As soon as you start working, results will start to come.


Like I mentioned before, habits trump inspiration. You have to RISE up to greater habits. Success is a habit. You might not love every class you take, but be good at them anyway. Think of what it takes to get the results you want. RISE up to those habits with these four steps:


You have to recognize that the habit you want is worth it. It is going to help you. The other piece that you have to recognize is that you are going to have to sacrifice something to make that habit happen. If you want to wake up earlier, you might not be able to stay up so late playing Fortnite so that you can get enough sleep to wake up refreshed. If you want to get better grades, you might have to go out less with friends so you can study more.


Identify what that sacrifice is going to have to be. Identify someone or something to hold you accountable. When you are trying to develop a new habit, you need extra structure. Don’t be too prideful, you learned to ride a bike with training wheels. Find someone to give updates to or a calendar you can check off each day you follow through.


Now that you are approaching the new habit the right way, make a strategy for yourself. Write it out. Make it real! Write down the goal, the sacrifice required, the action you will take, and how you will stay accountable. Use your own (don’t copy my answers!) but here is an example: To help me wake up earlier so I can finish my homework before school, I will stop playing Fortnite so late and go to sleep by 10pm so that I can wake up at 6am, get ready, do my homework, and still get to school on time. Each morning i’ll report to my parents whether or not I woke up and got my homework done.

RISE up to new habits. It takes work, but you can do it.

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