3 Things to Prepare for Leadership Conferences

Head to a conference, when it’s over are you more or just older?

I love student leadership conferences. They are amazing experiences to network and meet like-minded peers, have some fun and make some memories, and also find leadership and professional development. Some only focus on one of those benefits, and they miss out on the experience!

I want every student attending a conference to not just come out of it older, like all that happened was time passing. I also don’t want them to only have fun and not learn anything, but at the same time I don’t want anyone to not have any fun! When I take students to leadership conferences there are three things that I prepare them with.

1) Understand the schedule. Time and place is important. Know when you are going to be able to have some fun and meet people and then when you will be working and learning.

2) Feel empowered. Whether you are competing, presenting, or learning, know that you have the opportunity to take something back to share with others. You can find things to help your club, team, chapter, class, and personal life. Expect to.

3) Ready to learn. Know that you will learn from the presenters, both keynotes and workshop presenters. You also can learn from the other attendees you meet. Best of all, you can learn from yourself. Even if you aren’t vibing with the message you can start jotting notes and ideas and through your own self-reflection, you can identify growth opportunities.

How do you maximize your time at leadership conferences?

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