3 Ways to Be an Influential Leader by Promoting Positivity

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How many different types of leaders are there? Too many to list here. There are experts, opinion leaders, and at-home bloggers who will all come up with examples, stories, and tips for leadership. There are, of course, plenty of tips we can talk about when it comes to leadership, but one can make an immediate impact in your own work and those around you. That is promoting positivity.

We as a society are way too hyper-focused on pointing out flaws. Celebrities, politicians, movies, athletes, parents, commercials,
the list goes on and on and on, we criticize and make negative comments about everything! There is a basic rule for many leaders that have made world-changing shifts, they don’t do what the masses do. They look at doing the opposite. Whether it is true or not for other things, this is a perfect example when you can make some serious progress in achieving success. Promote positivity, because no one else is.

Being positive does not mean you accept everyone’s ideas, no one is wrong, and no matter what we have to keep everyone happy. No, positivity is instead a ever-forward thinking attitude of encouragement, optimism, and confidence. When you promote positivity in your own life, you are encouraging yourself to push through the challenge of today because of the promise of tomorrow. When you promote positivity in the lives of those around you, you are helping them push through limits that they or others have placed on them so that they can accomplish the greatness inside them. When we promote positivity, we convey the message that though we didn’t win this time, we can push through. The mistake did not eliminate the chance of success. Positivity is motivating and inspiring to those who feel it. As a leader (notice I didn’t say boss or supervisor) you can be more positive, no matter your title. Promote positivity with those around you and you will be blown away at the impact you have. Here are 3 ways to be more positive, all of which you can start doing right now.


  1. Say Thank You
    Two little words that were ingrained in us when we were young, but were quickly cast aside as we got older. Too many take too much for granted. Sometimes small, others¬†larger than we know, saying thank you for someone’s time or service wether paid for or not can make a difference.
    Bonus for Students: On your last day of class this semester, walk up to your Professor, shake their hand, and say thank you.
  2. Give Shoutouts
    When you see someone you know or work with do something above and beyond their normal, acknowledge that! Let them (and everyone else) know you noticed, and appreciate that!¬†When people go above and beyond, they are growing. When people grow, it isn’t always easy or comfortable. Appreciating the small or big ways that people grow can be very validating to the individual who pushed a little harder.
  3. Send a Note
    If no one expects appreciation in this day and age, people then definitely do not expect a handwritten note. You will blow someone’s mind and make their week if you take time to write a genuine handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be a full-page, an essay of gratitude. All you have to do is put your thoughts into words. Thank them for what they did, encourage them to do more, and let them know that you and others notice-and it means something.

qtq80-SejcD4If you want to make the biggest impact, find out how the people around you like to feel appreciated. A public shoutout sometimes isn’t as impactful as a handwritten note. Gratitude is a great habit to adapt, but doing it the way that means the most to people is taking it up a level.

Relationships are key, and no matter what career field you are in, your ability to build strong relationships will seriously impact your success. Yes, you can do a lot alone, but you can go so much further when you involve others. You’ll go even further than that if you appreciate the people you do work with.

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