3 Ways to Be Productive During Breaks from School

Looking forward to the upcoming break in school? Good! Too many look forward to the breaks from school while they are in class, and spend the breaks regretting the work they didn’t do during school. During the break, you don’t have to worry about school right? No class, no assignments, just freedom. Remember this, successful people don’t do what the majority does. The majority of students are getting ready to kick back and relax during the break. Want to be successful? Don’t do what the majority do. Since you don’t need to spend time on classes, spend time on development. Invest the time you have on break to Nix Your Limits and develop yourself.

I remember the first book I ever read with the intention for development. It’s called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It was recommended to me by one of my mentors and I read the entire thing during a Winter Break I had in college. What an experience! I came back from my break with better focus and confidence in maximizing my time that semester. I quickly saw valuable results from applying the content from the book. I wish I had read it earlier on! Kickstart your next semester (and your future) during the break by utilizing these strategies.


During the break, reflect on the last few months. How did it go? What are your “Big Wins”? What didn’t go so well? Start thinking forward. What classes or big projects at work do you know are coming up? What is going to be tough? What do you expect you will need to spend more time on? Write goals down. Look forward to the moment when you accomplish them.


Like I said with my experience, I kick started one of my best semesters in college by reading a self-development book over the break. If you are new to the self-development book idea, I would start with The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews. This is my all-time favorite book and teaches the skills you need through a story. Start there. If you aren’t a big reader, try the audiobook version.


Quick and easy ways to get regular content for your development is to read blog posts or listen to podcasts. These are meant to be short, powerful, and meaningful. You can read blog posts or listen to podcasts on your way to family vacation or doing chores. You can find more of our posts on the Nix Your Limits Blog. I’d also recommend Addicted2Success. You’ll find many Podcasts on SoundCloud (they have a mobile app too). Try searching for the Addicted2Success or Peter J Voogd Podcasts. Those are a couple regulars for me.

Make the most of your break! Most sit on the couch, eat too much food, and don’t accomplish much. Don’t do what the average do. How do you make the most of the break? Comment below and we can all grow together.

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