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Most students don’t think about what they have to do until pretty much the last moment. Time management is a big deal, and is a habit that you must have if you want to be anything more than average, but developing new habits isn’t easy. It isn’t an overnight success thing either. So to get you started, here is a strategy that will take just over 30 seconds but can save you some headache later.

First, help get yourself in the right mindset. What you focus on multiplies!Activate GratitudeIdentify 3 things you are grateful for. Don’t move so fast that you never consider what you have or have already accomplished. Maybe you had a fun chat with a friend today. Maybe you woke up on time. Maybe that girl smiled at you. What has happened lately that you are grateful for?

Activate Ambition

Remind yourself of 3 things you want to achieve in life. Be crazy. Want to own a beach house one day (I do)? Think about how cool that will be! Want to be a Mom one day? Think about it! You already filled your mind with gratitude, now point it towards what you want to accomplish.
Deep breath. We are halfway there.

See the Schedule

Now focus on tomorrow. Where do you have to be and when? What do you know is set in stone? Class, meetings, work shifts, family dinners, all of that stuff falls into this. Think through the day and know when you have to be at different places.

See the Set To Do List

Now for each of those things where you have to be somewhere, what do you need when you get there? Homework assignments? A reading done? A mindset to work hard? You need to ask a favor? Think through the schedule and quickly identify in your mind the things you need to get done.


33 Seconds later you are more prepared for tomorrow than most of your classmates. Try it out, let me know your results!

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