Happy New Year Leaders!

To ring in 2019 RIGHT, that means we need to start the upcoming semester and year fast. Success loves speed, so how can you start this upcoming semester so that turns into a successful semester?

Ashley and I have 5 tips for you to start a successful semester and you can take action on each of them RIGHT NOW! That’s what it is about leaders. Listen to these tips and see what it looks like for you to take action on each day.

Tip #1 – Set the Tone with Your Teachers

After your first day of class, or at your very next one, take a minute after it ends to walk up and say hi to your teacher. If you haven’t yet, introduce yourself, and then explain that you are excited for the class and are excited to learn. Tell them they can count on you to be ready to learn and that you are grateful for their time. End with a “see you next time!” and off you go. Boom. Less than 15 seconds later you have given your teacher an incredible impression of you. This helps them get to know you and helps you set the tone for yourself in how you will show up to class each day. More on that later.

Tip #2 – Be Brave

So in class who are you? Are you the one who always has an answer or are you the one that never says a word? Identify where you naturally fall and adjust. Do the opposite in your next class. Be brave! That may mean hold back, let other people speak up. This will give them confidence and you will get to know them. If you never talk, speak up! Show your classmates and teacher that you have something to say too. Find a way to contribute to class next time you are there. That may mean speaking up, or it might mean stepping back.

Tip #3 – Commit to Being the Best Student You Can

There are two very simple secrets to passing a class. I have never seen a student not do these and fail. In all my years both as a student and teaching classes, these can work for you.

1) Always Go to Class!
So much of success is showing up. This may seem simple, but way too many students are missing class. This may seem easy in high school, but in college it is something you must commit to. Often times you lose points that go towards your grade simply because you decided to not show up to class. Imagine at the end of the semester when you need help from the teacher, and they don’t know who you are! Showing up consistently shows your teacher that you are putting in effort, which always helps them be more willing to help when you need something.

2) Always Turn in Something!
Never accept a zero on any type of assignment. Always turn something in! Even if you have to scramble and finish in a not-so-good way, turn it in. Getting some points will always be better than getting no points. Again, showing that you are trying means a lot to a teacher, so when you get the chance to ask about resubmitting something, or getting other help later, they are always more willing to help! It is so much harder to get help when you haven’t turned anything in to begin with.

Tip #4 – Create and Protect Your Environment

Evaluate your last semester, how did you study? Was it with people or alone? Was it with music, watching Netflix, or in silence? Was it at a desk or on your bed? Think through what type of environment you add and seek to improve it. Maybe studying in your bed isn’t the best idea (it’s not). Maybe studying in silence is distracting and motivates you to open your phone. Maybe you actually need to study around people because it helps you focus! Create your environment and protect it! Only study there. Help train your mind that when you sit down at that desk or table that you are ready to work!

Tip #5 – Learn to Plan

It takes time to make time! We want you to have time to accomplish your goals AND have fun while doing it! To make that happen, you must experience your day on paper before it happens. Make it a point to identify your assignments and other responsibilities that you must take care of and when. Schedule them and then follow through! Personal organization will be an incredible tool for you to not just pass your classes, but to earn that dream GPA!

Which tip will you take action today? What tips can we add to this list? Comment below and share your tips on social media tagging @nixyourlimits and using #nixyourlimits! Can’t wait to see what results you make happen this year! Let’s do this!

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