Be More Effective in Meetings

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Student-leaders often experience the structure and experience of a job for the first time in College. With these new experiences comes a quick learning curve, especially when you are trying to maximize the opportunity for your growth. Don’t let the new experiences put limits on your growth, maximize the moment!

Tip Tuesday: Maximize Your Effectiveness in Meetings

Meetings will be a part of pretty much every job you ever have. Use meetings as an opportunity to prove your potential and capabilities to your team and supervisor, when you do that you will be given more opportunities to add value, which will work out in your favor as well. Start being more effective today!

  1. Come Prepared
    Be ready to account for what you have been working on-your responsibilities. Now this means you obviously have to be working, but we’ll assume that you are. Be ready to contribute with your ideas too, if your Supervisor is asking for feedback then they want to hear it.
  2. Take Notes
    Supervisors can’t always know what you are thinking, and they don’t always assume the best in those they supervise. A great way to actively show your commitment and responsibility is to take notes. It doesn’t matter if that is not your style, your boss can’t see the list you make in your head. Take notes. It pays off in more ways than one, if anything it will help you remember it more.
  3. Contribute
    Do your part to make the meeting effective. Pay attention, and keep things action oriented. When you see the conversation getting a bit too far off topic, help bring it back. Do it in a respectful way, you don’t want to disrupt the team unity, but guide the discussion back to the purpose. You boss hates how they always have to do it.

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