Defeat Distractions with Decisions on Your Way to Success

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Joel Brown, founder and CEO of He has achieved an incredible level of success, and is only getting started. It was humbling and motivating to hear his confidence in people like you and me. Joel truly knows there is no shortage of success and knows that if he can see success then so can you!

Here is a video of my thoughts right after the call.

Defeat Distractions with Decisions

Distractions are and always be there, but you can get ahead of them and make decisions now to defeat them! Here are a few quick tips to start making those decisions today:

  1. Take an Inventory
    Be honest with yourself, and write down the distractions you know you deal with daily. What are some of those things that you do that may be not necessarily bad, but are distracting you from what is most important.
  2. Make a Plan
    Once you know what distracts you, you can make a plan to defeat it. Self-awareness is key, but only if you actively seek to use your strengths to overcome distractions. For example, you can make a plan to say you can only watch Netflix after you finish X amount of work. You create the plan, but then you have to follow through!
  3. Commit and Carry On
    Defeating distractions is a personal battle, and only you can truly hold yourself accountable. Take time to be aware, make a plan, decide to defeat your distractions, and then act! Trust the moment of clarity  you had when making the decision. This can help you so that when your mind is clouded by the distractions, you can trust the clarity you had before to overcome.

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