Don’t Set Goals Without Doing this First!

“New Year, New Me!” We have all been thinking it. We have all seen it on social media. One after another, an Instagram post with a solid filter with a big declaration about how much better they will be in the new year. Before you set your goals (or at least before you start taking action on them) do these things FIRST so that you can increase your chances to bring them to reality.

Evaluate Your Previous Goals

We so regularly set goals that we get lost in a pattern:

Set goals -> start working -> lose focus -> stop working -> miss the goal -> Set it again

The problem with this is you never do anything differently! You set a goal, don’t hit it, get frustrated, set the same goal again, and start the cycle over again. To avoid this you need to reflect on the goals you have previously set. Are you setting the same or a similar goal? How did it work out last time? What action did you take? By identifying what you did last time that did not work will help you not do the same thing again. That is a major key. Don’t start this year setting the same goals as last year, intent on the same action. All you will achieve is the same results as last year. Evaluate your previous goals so you can rise above them.

Keep Your Goals in Sight

Make multiple copies of your goals. I have a list of my goals saved on an app on my phone, written on the first page of my notebook, and on a list near my desk where I work at home. By surrounding myself with my goals I would never forget about them. A big limit standing between you and your goals is losing the fire you feel when you set them. When I had really committed to doing more and being more, I didn’t just look at my goals every day, I wrote them down every single day. I bought a new notebook and wrote down the date and my goals every day for six months. My goals became a part of me, I had them memorized! That was a major key in helping me grow and accomplish what I wanted.

Commit to the Action, Not the Goal

Set a goal so you know where you are going, but commit to and obsess over the journey there. Commit to the action you know you have to take! When I was writing down my goals every day, I was also thinking about the action I could take that day to make them happen.¬†We often get so overwhelmed with our goals, we feel like we are trying to eat an elephant. Instead of thinking every day about the elephant, think about the process: “I will take a bite today, and every day.” That’s it. Adapt that to the GPA goal you have, do you need to study ABC Class every day? Remember, a goal never accomplished anything. The action you take will do that. Commit to the HOW not the what and you will actually get there.

Now you are ready to set some goals and actually achieve them. You’ve got this.

What are your goals? I’ll hold you accountable.


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