Seven Steps to Developing Sucessful Habits

Hello AMAZING Leaders!

Today Scott and I talked about Habits! Listen to the full episode below! We talked about why habits are important and the seven steps in making your habits stick! The cool thing about habits, there is not a one size fits all. You get to pick the habits that will best help you reach your dream in life and help you reach your level of success. Here is how you do that:

First, you need to start simple. This step is always the hardest for me to put into practice, but I also feel it is one of the most important. We all have a laundry list of things we want to accomplish in our life. Heck just take your to do list for the week and you might feel overwhelmed. So often we discourage ourselves before we even start. We think we need it all planned out from zero to 100. But reality is, we don’t. The very very first step is to start. You just need to start somewhere and that is why Scott and I both know that starting simple will bring you bigger results.

We all have 24 hours in the day, right? I’m not gifted 24 but Scott was gifted 26 hours. Although we all wish for more time, we don’t have it. What we do have, is 24 hours. It is up to us how we use those 24 hours. This next step is to set aside identified time in order to work on your habit. Identify when you will do whatever it is, then identify what you already do during that time. Acknowledging what is there will help you notice what you will be taking out of your life and what you will be adding to your life. Identify Time is our second step. Want another challenge? Listen to our podcast to hear what challenge I give to all students during your walking time in between classes!

Okay life shattering moment, we are not cats, we are human, and we only get one life. And in our one life, obstacles are going to come, they are going to happen. We must learn how to plan for the obstacles by developing a distraction plan for ourselves when obstacles come in. “If this, then what?” – Once you can answer the statement above, you will be able to continue to develop that habit you are working on.

Step number four is give yourself thirty days daily to make your new habit a natural habit that happens without you really thinking about it.

When it comes to brushing our teeth, most of us do that without having to be reminded. When it comes to getting dressed, combing our hair, and even eating – most of us do this without having to be reminded. However, when we were growing up, our parents use to remind us and bug us to do the simple tasks. Those simple mindless tasks use to be new habits we were trying to add into our life. When you’re first starting out to make your new habit a habit, don’t forget to remind yourself of the habit. One day you will wake up and the habit will be so natural you don’t even think about it. But, it’s not there yet, so give yourself some credit and remind yourself of your new habit.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? I hope the answer is no since these steps will actually make setting habits easier and will help them last a very long time. This next step though is to help everyone remember it is okay to give yourself some grace and not be so hard on yourself when you are starting a new habit. This step is called: Get out of jail free card. Now, that doesn’t mean every day you give yourself a get out of jail free card, it just means you give yourself one maximum of a get out of jail card per week. Nothing more than one a week. Don’t dwell in the sadness of messing up your new habit, take your moment in “jail”, take that 1-hour time block, and then stand back up again!

When making a habit, make sure you create a habit that you know you can reach. We call this making knowledgeable habits. Now that doesn’t mean you create an easy habit, it means you create a habit that still pushing you past your comfort zone, still something that is challenging, but something that you know you will be able to achieve. If you can’t draw a straight line even with a ruler, then don’t make a goal to draw the next Mona Lisa without any drawing classes. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting a habit you know you can’t actually achieve. Set a habit that pushes you, but you know you still can reach.

And just like that, habits can be made, and you will find success! Leaders take that next step and start! Start today. Remember that 1 is greater than 0 and all you need to do is take one step and you will be closer to reaching that new habit you have been wanting to set for a long time.

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