How Grant Cardone’s Obsession of Sales can Help You in School

How Grant Cardone's Obsession of Sales can Help You in College

If you don’t recognize the name Grant Cardone, let me give you a quick intro.

How Grant Cardone's Obsession of Sales can Help You in College
Grant Cardone’s newest book, ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average’ is a must read for those who want to be more! Click to buy the book!

Grant Cardone has built a leading sales-training and to use his own terms, the guy is freaking obsessed with success. He goes after it hard, and no one can tell him to stop. He has built himself an amazing business and lifestyle and wants more to join him! He targets sales and real estate investing, but the principles and attitudes can help you as you pursue your education. Here are some of Grant  Cardone’s key lessons we can adapt to making the most of your experience gaining your education.

Now traditionally, passionate sales training entrepreneurs do not normally get meshed in with the world of Higher Education. That needs to change, because the skills and principles the entrepreneur world teaches will help catapult your career. Apply these and get your education and you will be that much further ahead as you graduate and move into the workforce. What do you have to lose? Try it and you’ll thank me later.


You Don’t Always Get to do Only What You Want

As you pursue your education, you will quickly notice there are a lot of general education requirements and electives that you will be required to take for your degree. The school has its reasons, but know that throughout your life you will always have aspects of your schooling, your job, and your life that you aren’t necessarily passionate about. Find ways to connect those classes to your major or career goals. That Psychology 1010 class can help you build a foundation to better work with people. Maybe that Biology class will help you have enough basic knowledge to keep up in a conversation later on with someone passionate about it, and that conversation turns out to make a huge sale or promotion. I love to have a clean house, but I don’t necessarily love taking the garbage out or mopping the floors. If you have classes that you aren’t interested in, but have to take, then make the best connections you can to your career and future goals even if it is simply a connection that I have to take this class to graduate. Connect today to tomorrow, it can help.

It Takes the Same Amount of Effort to Win Big as it Does to Stay Small

It takes the same amount of time and effort to achieve a 4.0 as it does to fail all of your classes. What makes the differences is where you spend that time and what you focus your effort towards. In regards to grades, average would be considered a “C”. To do anything more than average, in school and life, sacrifices will have to be made. Thought it may appear like sacrifice, it really isn’t. It really boils down to priorities. Is it your priority to make drunken party memories while in College or set yourself up for your future in the best way possible? Many careers, and Graduate programs, rely heavily on academic performance. You can decide to be mature and party less when you graduate like the average, or you can shift your priorities now and start dedicating your time and efforts towards bigger, better, and more lasting things.

How Grant Cardone's Obsession of Sales can Help You in CollegePeople Shoot High with Goals but Underestimate the Effort Required to Get there

Getting a degree isn’t easy, and neither will getting in to your career. Many of us come out of High School with high expectations but only use our High School habits. You can’t use High School habits to accomplish College Goals. Understand that with the higher goals comes a higher amount of effort. Does that scare you? It might, but know that if the goal is higher, and the effort is higher, the reward will be too. Grow and develop your habits, you won’t have Mom or Dad over your shoulder anymore. Level up in the way you live, study, and chase after your goals.

You have incredible potential within you. Grant Cardone himself has said that he should have aimed higher than what he did. Nix Your Limits! Don’t allow doubt to deter you. Do more than average today and your tomorrow will be outstanding.

Check out some of Grant Cardone’s best-selling books like The 10X Rule or Be Obsessed or Be Average at this link. Follow him on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook too! The guy is everywhere!

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