How do you make summer awesome?

So you finished another school year… awesome! I am sure you deserve the break. Way to be! So many students that I work with are crushing it throughout the school year, but now what?

You might be off to a summer camp of some kind, have plenty of summer classes, or a sweet internship, which is great! However, if you happen to be like I was you don’t necessarily have a lot of great opportunities just available. So what do you do?

There are two main priorities that every student should have during summer. 1) Have some fun and 2) grow in some way. Don’t just get through summer being older. Become something more! Here are 11 ideas to make summer awesome this year.


  1. Make a Music Video or Movie
    • You spend a lot of time consuming content on social media… time to be a producer! Either on your own or with a group of friends, spend some time recreating a video from your favorite YouTuber or making your own hilarious Tik Tok. Spending time creating something gives a satisfaction that a lot of things can’t.
  2. Invent a New Recipe
    • Do a quick web search of “5 Star __________ Dishes” and put in your favorite food. Anything you like to eat: steak, sushi, salad, oyster, whatever… then try to make it! Search for ingredients or just go based on what you see in the picture. Add your own twist and the give it a try! Do it with a group of friends and then trade dishes and see what happens! Give yourself the challenge to do something you might not ever have done, and have some fun doing it!
  3. Start a Business
    • Don’t try this with a big expectation of making a bunch of money. Instead just see what you can learn about the process. Mow lawns or take the trash cans down to the road in your neighborhood, go to garage sales and try to flip items on Ebay or Amazon, or go around and wash cars. Think of a service you can provide and try to find out ways to advertise, charge, and scale your business. It is amazing what you can learn without the pressure of an expectation and instead you just do something to learn.
  4. Experience a Hobby You Never Had Before
    • Head down to that pottery shop, go to the local recreation center and try swimming laps, or head to the library, pick a random shelf, and select a book to start reading. Take some time to experience something new. You never know what you can learn.
  5. Host a Fund Raiser/Give Back
    • Promote a cause you believe in! Plan a way to host a fund raiser for that cause. If a local nonprofit or other company provides a service that you feel is needed, see if you can get involved somehow. Seek help from your social media community by promoting a GoFundMe or similar account. Be a part of something!
  6. Grow Something
    • Head to Lowes or even just the closest Walmart and pick up something to plant! Find a space in your yard or a small pot and get started! You have the internet, look up a few quick steps to get started and help your plant grow. See what happens!
  7. Volunteer at the Library
    • Spend even just one hour a week helping out at the local library. See what summer programs they have! It could be reading to little kids or just helping put some books back.
  8. Rearrange Your Bedroom
    • Give a fresh look and feel to your bedroom! Sometimes a change up is needed! Plan out what you could do and start shifting things around.
  9. Plan the Family Vacation
    • Take a role in planning the family vacation. Help figure out the travel plans, or look up hotels to stay at. Or plan your own! Search what State or National Parks are close and plan a day outside for your friends and/or family.
  10. Develop a New Habit
    • Habits are the tools you use to build your future. Develop a new habit that will help you! It could be something as simple as always cleaning your room on Tuesdays. Set a standard for something you know regularly needs to get done and help give yourself the structure to get it done.
  11. Clean up Your IG Feed
    • You spend a lot of time scrolling through social media, right? Me too! An overlooked aspect of social media is remembering that you control what you see. If someone on your feed is consistently posting negative things, unfollow them. The world will not end. Nix the limit that comes with worrying about your follow/follower ratio, or that you have to “follow back”, or that others are really that worried about who you do or do not follow. It’s your feed, it’s your mindset, it’s your life! Control your environment. Clean up your feed.
students are busy but can make summer awesome

Pick one and try it! Have some fun and become something more.

Have an idea to help make your summer awesome? Drop it in the comments!

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