Max Your 24

The Nomatic Planner
This is a planner with a monthly and weekly overview. I like it because of its simple design that allows you to add your own spin. You can track things on a wider scale like a month, but still track hour by hour what you want to accomplish each day. I used this planner for about 5 years.

The Panda Planner
This is another planner that just has a different flow and organization to it. There is still a month view, a weekly view, and then a more detailed daily view to help you map out your priorities and max out your 24.

This is a free mobile app that gives you the chance to list out your to do items In an easy to see flow. You can even use different features to set reminders and notifications for things if that matches your style.

This one is a little advanced, but still super valuable. This online tool (both a web/desktop app and a mobile app) allows you to set up a to do list with recurring tasks. Once you check it off it will reset with another due date for when you tell it to. This can help automate your schedule to give yourself structure if you want to study a certain class every other day, do a different task weekly, you get the picture.

Bullet Journal
This planner method gives the most customizability and freedom to you to make your schedule your own. There are tons of great YouTube videos about how to set this up, but this gives you the freedom to put your system into any notebook.

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