Overwhelmed by Information? Here are 3 Key Principles to Maximize Your Development

Sometimes achieving incredible success can be ridiculously overwhelming. We read books, we watch Youtube videos, we read blog posts, and find ourselves drowning in our own development. Don’t worry about the noise. Development and maximum achievement can be summarized into three key principles: Work Hard | Be Nice | Stay Humble

When I first made a commitment to my own development, I went all in. Before I knew it, I was being pulled in so many different directions that I wasn’t moving anywhere. How in the world was I supposed to do it all?

It is easy to get caught up in the instant results world we live in. The world of development, however, is not as high speed. Stop comparing the success of someone’s lifetime to your success today. Be patient. Why do you expect to have done it all at once?

You can read books about vital skills and habits. The list can go on forever. Before you try to do it all at once, focus on three core principles: Work Hard | Be Nice | Stay Humble.


Personal effort and hard work make an incredible impact on a person. Hard work can make up for lacking in natural talents. You are in the driver’s seat of your success. Though the world can cut you off, slow you down, or even put you in danger, your hands never leave the wheel. You still have control.

When you develop habits or learn new skills, it is because of the work you put in. When you read development books or watch videos, you made sacrifices to invest in yourself. Your actions express priorities, so think about that when you want to sleep in or skip studying. What are you putting as a higher priority over your health, your grades, and your development? Think about that often and you will find your effort being pointed towards the right priorities.


Life is all people. Living with integrity, honesty, and accountability is based on this element. Even millionaires practice gratitude. You have to strive to build and sustain strong relationships with those you meet. Communication will be your grand ally and is honestly one of the most important skills you could ever develop. Show appreciation for those around you, if you leave it up to be assumed it will be missed every time.

Though hard work will help you prove yourself and accomplish greatness, often the people in your life will present you with incredible opportunities to showcase your work ethic. That friend from class may recommend you for a new job. The coworker that you built a strong relationship with could give you that recommendation for a promotion. Sometimes the saying is true that it isn’t just what you know but who you know that matters.


If you want to live a life with a passion for giving your all and building incredible relationships then an attitude of humility will be key. This last principle will be the one to help you not just have a great year of your career, but sustaining a life of greatness. Don’t ever think you are perfect. It’s impossible, so just worry about being yourself. Be grateful. Learn every single day. Show your appreciation often to those who are helping you succeed. This will help you stay focused and productive every single day.

Don’t overcomplicate your development. Don’t wait until you graduate to start applying this either. If you are working on your education, then work! Be nice to your teachers and classmates, they can help you. Stay humble so that you will continue to learn and never grow overconfident. You have the wheel, so drive.

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