Watch My Results: 3 Steps to Go from the Student You Are to the Leader You Were Meant to Be


Finally a book written for students about personal and leadership development. No longer will a student have to turn to general personal development or bulky textbooks to find out how they can truly succeed in school, catapult their careers, and learn to lead. Watch My Results – 3 Steps for Students to Become the Leaders they Were Meant to Be will help the students of today understand the mindset, habits, and action that they need to have and take to unlock their potential, nix their limits, and achieve the greatness they know they can. The success won’t just come when they start their careers, it will startimmediately. This book isn’t just for a student to know what they need to do to succeed in their career, they will know what they need to do to be successful right now. Scott Mathie, who has advised and coached hundreds of student leaders through his leadership brand Nix Your Limits, helps students understand what to take action on now. There is no passive “when you start your career you can…” advice in this book. This is all about what a student can do now. Along with coaching students at colleges and universities, Scott has spoken on stages across the nation at high schools, colleges, and state and national student leadership conferences. Scott shows from his own experience as a student and from his research what successful student leaders do to succeed in school, catapult their careers, and truly lead. Students learn a lot in school about being successful in their careers, but few are the lessons they learn about succeeding today. No longer will students have to guess on what will help from all of the general personal development books. It’s time for students to become who they want to be one day tomorrow, today. Find out more at the publishing of this book, Scott is also pleased to announce the Nix Your Limits Leadership Scholarship, a student-scholarship awarded to students in or starting college who are committed to doing the most they can to become the best they can be so they can serve their communities. 80% of all royalties paid from sales of this book go towards this scholarship. The other 20% go towards further development of the Nix Your Limits online training resources. You can find out more information about Nix Your Limits and the Nix Your Limits Leadership Scholarship at

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