The Four Elements of the Nix Your Limits Mindset

What would your life be like without anything holding you back? The doubts, the peer pressure, the fears, what if it was all gone? Whatever you felt driven to do, you could do! You can see amazing results if you navigate the negativity and limits that try to hold you down.

Negativity can come from your environment, people around you, or even your own self-doubts and fears. You can remove these limits. You don’t have to accept them! You can NIX them. Remove the limits that are cluttering your vision and distracting you from your goals. That is what the Nix Your Limits Mindset is all about.

You can achieve the Nix Your Limits Mindset by focusing on the four elements of R.I.S.E. Leadership-Recognize, Involve, Strategize, and Execute. All habits and skills you need to be successful will fall into one of these four elements. There is no shortage of success in this world, but there is plenty for those who are willing to put in the work for it.

Hard work has always been my motto. I saw success in High School as a student-athlete and even had the opportunity to play football in College, but it wasn’t because of natural talent. I recognized that I needed physical strength and an understanding of strategy. I involved my Coach and websites I trusted to help me understand what I needed to do to gain those two keys. I took what I learned and created strategies that would lead to success. But all of that would have meant nothing if I didn’t follow through and execute. Hitting the weight room at 6:00 a.m. every single morning wasn’t popular, but that is one of the habits I developed that lead to why I ended up being the best on the team.

The point of that example is not to brag. You can follow the same process to accomplish your goals. I have used RISE Leadership multiple times since and will continue in my future because it works. Here’s why:


Self-awareness is a vital skill. Life isn’t about deciding what you want to be, it is about learning who you are. You then use that to help you know what job or value you can add to the world to fulfill that. As you seek to accomplish the greatness you are seeking, it is important to identify what problems stand in your way, and what skill set needed to overcome them. Understand yourself and the situation before you try attacking it.


Life is all people. Yes, you can do some great things on your own. You will go so much further and so much faster if you don’t try to do it all alone. Once you know what you need to get there, find the people and resources who can teach you and help you. The most successful people surround themselves with more successful people and resources. Don’t let your pride limit you.


Take what you have learned, and start planning. Set goals. Make commitments. Determine what habits or routines you need to develop. Everything happens twice. Once in the physical action, but also in your mind beforehand. People get in trouble by making the two happen immediately after one another. Plan now, process, internalize and commit. Taking that extra step sets yourself up so much better.


You and I can be self-aware. We can learn, and we can strategize, but it will mean absolutely nothing if you don’t do anything about it. Take action. Start to execute and adjust along the way. Know that the higher the goals, the higher the work required. The more you seek to accomplish, the more challenges you will face. Remember your dream. Remember your values. It is worth it.

These four elements will lead to not only having the Nix Your Limits Mindset but living the Nix Your Limits Lifestyle. Living without limits will help you accomplish unimaginable impact in the world. This blog, this movement, and my passion is to help you know how to apply this to anything you do. You can get that 4.0. You can get into your dream school. You can succeed in college. You can achieve greatness. Don’t let anything limit you. Comment below your dream, your vision, your ultimate goals. Let’s share the inspiration together!

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