3 Words to Get Yourself Through Tough Times

Ever been through a tough time? Of course you have. Unless you are some kind of perfect alien species (hey, how’s it going?) then I know you have. The list could go on forever, but for me those times often have come after something like:

  • Getting into an argument with family or close friends
  • Working hard on an assignment or project and it didn’t go too well
  • Finishing a year with less than optimal results
  • Dealing with depression or extreme self-doubt

Sound familiar?

These things happen. To EVERYONE! It is so important that you understand that. That “perfect” classmate that seems to always do everything right in your English class, that popular kid, that celebrity, and that Instagram influencer included. So then the focus shouldn’t be IF tough times come, it is what do you do when they do?

“This Will Pass”


That tough time will never last forever. That morning, that test, that class period, that afternoon, even that day could have been really rough, but it will not last forever. Did that sink in? I t  w i l l  n o t  l a s t  f o r e v e r.

Way too often we make one mistake or one tough time a life sentence. We say things like:

  • I will never get any better at this.
  • Here we go again, why did I even try?
  • Is it even worth it anymore?

You are not your mistakes. They do not define you. What defines you is what you do as a result of the tough times. You might not have had control over what happened to you, but you do have control over what happens next!

“Growth Isn’t Easy”


How did you learn to walk, ride a bike, learn to read, or really do anything at all? Through failure. We don’t often think of it that way, but the same growth process that you followed when you were just a little dude or dudette is the same growth process you are following in Algebra, in growing as a person, in relationships, and in life. Growth comes through failure!

The tough times are just tries. I know the stakes might be higher now than a scuffed knee from falling off your bike, but just like you did back then you can get back up again and try again. You can improve. It comes with the territory!

“One Beats Zero”

Let’s do some simple math. Which is a bigger number, one or zero? 

Easy right? One is bigger than zero. Every time. When you encounter a tough time or drawback, even making the smallest of efforts to move in the right direction is still better than doing nothing!

We often set the standard that if we can’t do the full 100% all at once then we shouldn’t try or we will fail. That is not true. You only see progress through the grinds and groans of growth and some days that means moving s l o w l y up the hill. Some progress will ALWAYS beat no progress.

Next time you have a big challenge, and you sense yourself starting to believe that they only option is to either do it all or nothing, remember that one always beats zero. Make the smallest of moves forward and you will be on your way.


“This Will Pass”

“Growth Isn’t Easy”

“One Beats Zero”

You can do more than you know, and there are people out there that are eager to help! You can be one of those people for someone today. Pass this on to someone who might need it. Share this link with them: https://nixit.today/3wordsfortoughtimes

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