Time Management vs. Task Management

Have you ever gotten frustrated with your results? Felt like you were super organized, knew when your homework was due, and had everything written down but you still weren’t getting things done? You aren’t alone.

It sounds like you are doing great at managing your tasks, but that’s only half of it.

You aren’t managing your time well.

If you are someone that has a good system for keeping track of your assignments and responsibilities, that is awesome! Everyone needs a system to managing to do items. You have to take it one step further and start managing your time better.

Think about it this way, just because you know what you need to do doesn’t mean you’ll do it. That is why it is only half of success. Ever had a big project in a class where the teacher gave you over one month to complete? When did you actually put in the work for that assignment? Right at the end? I did it too. The reason is because time is like water, it fills the space we give it.

After you have your tasks and assignments organized, take the next step and assign time to work on them! I use a simple process to identify what I will do with my time that may work for you as well.

  1. First, identify where you must be and when. Think about the things on your schedule that are already set – class, work shifts, meetings, family priorities, etc.
  2. Next, look at those appointments on your schedule. What do you have to have ready or complete for those times? You may have to set time just before those times to get that done.
  3. Take a look at tomorrow and do the same thing. Where do you have to be and when? What will you need to have done when you get there?
  4. Now take that list of what you know needs to get done. Prioritize the unscheduled time you have to finish these tasks! You don’t need to procrastinate… you have time!
  5. Fill in the rest of your time by plugging in more tasks that you know you need to work on.
  6. Now go EXECUTE! That is all that matters.

You may be better at one than you are at the other. That is ok! Know that the two go hand in hand. You can be organized with your tasks but not get anything done. You can also keep your time organized, but if you never know what is due and when then you still won’t get it done.

What do you do to organize your tasks? How about your time? Share with the community your tips and tricks!

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