What You Focus On Multiplies

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When you start a new chapter in your life, attitude is key. Everyone knows that. Many of us naturally will do this, sometimes others remind us when we need it, but when we get a new job, a new boss, start a new business, move to a new town, or whatever it may be, we have all heard to go into it with a positive attitude. We should do this, I completely agree, but you can be much more in control than simply adjusting your attitude. To help you control your emotions and be more confident and positive in moving forward, it is all about what you actively look for in the new venture. What you look for you will find, so look for the good things!

What you focus on is in your control. Whatever your attention is given to, be it people, places, things, details, or anything else, you chose to give it. This is important to realize because what you choose to focus on impacts so much of what you do, what more you see, and the direction you decide to head. This is all true because, What You Focus On Multiplies.

Check out this short video applying this principle to a new venture:

How to Correct Your Focus

1-Take a Step Back

Sometimes all you need is a transition break, a chance for yourself to take a step back and clear your head. When you do this, your focus is cleared, kind of like clearing your cache in a web browser. When you go back to the problem, project, or assignment, you go with a fresh perspective. Most of the negative feelings you had before, are gone. This gives you a chance to see and focus on the positive aspects, or the things that lead to solutions.

2-Alternate Focus

When evaluating an idea or a project, give yourself a pattern that you must follow to avoid becoming too negative. This can be helpful during times when your purpose is to evaluate or improve a procedure or policy. Alternate between noting a good thing and a potential concern or question. Doing this simple thing can help you feel more confident in the potential of an idea, instead of coming out thinking there are only negatives that need to be improved.

3-Reframe the Negative

Don’t look at problems as only problems. Look at them as opportunities to grow, improve, and succeed. No one starts perfect, so don’t expect yourself to. ┬áTake risks. If it pays off, you’ll be ahead. If it doesn’t, you’ll be wise, and that will help you get ahead. Reframe the way you look at problems and you will be much more intentional and positive in what you focus on.

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