Why You Haven’t REALLY Been Able to Get Over that Bad Habit

You don’t own your mistakes enough.

That is where so many people have limited themselves.

I’ve talked about how you can RISE above challenges using these four steps. You can RISE, but you have to Recognize, Identify, Strategize, and Execute.

Most of the time you do a pretty good job at Recognizing the problem, we love to put ourselves down. If we don’t, there is always someone out there that loves pointing out our flaws for us.

But we limit ourselves when we seek to Identify what the problem is. Once you know the problem, i.e. I didn’t do my homework, then it is time to find out why. What is going wrong? Why didn’t you do your homework? There are all kinds of examples we could use, but let’s roll with this homework one.

You’ve got to go six Whys deep. The first few Whys suffocate the excuses. We naturally put up the “Because I didn’t want to” and other empty excuses. Those don’t do anyone any good. I was recently walking a group of students through this and we worked through the empty excuses. It went like this:

“Because I didn’t want to.”

“I would have rather watched a YouTube video.”

“It was more entertaining…”

“Because I didn’t understand the homework.”

HERE is where we saw the pivot happened. The entire room felt it, now because all of the superficial excuses were out of the way we could identify the real reason. That is where the growth can come.

Identifying the real reason then allows you to take the right action. Superficial excuses will just bring you superficial action. Thinks like “I guess i’ll just work harder” or “do better next time” that just. won’t. work.

Back to the example above. Once we could focus how the reason for not doing the homework was because you didn’t understand it, we could narrow it in. Why don’t you understand? Was it missing class? Not paying attention? Now we can focus on identifying the behaviors, not just labels.

What behaviors are leading to the results you don’t want? Identify those, then seek to take action to correct it. It’s a lot easier to create an action plan to combat being on your phone during class not paying attention than it is to “just work harder”.

Lean in to identifying where the struggle is. Identify the behavior. Don’t settle for lame excuses.

Remember, you are just one limit away from becoming more like the person you want to become.

Go nix it.

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  1. Loved this article. I’m gonna start asking myself this whenever I have assignments I don’t want to do!

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