In the sports world, progress and practice is always focused on this word: Reps. Reps are short for repetitions – and no matter what sport I was playing, whether it was practice or weight lifting, it was all about repeating actions as much as you could. Why? So that you could learn how well you understand how to do it, understand how you do it, and understand how you can adjust for it to be better.

Though “reps” are something that is mainly focused on in sports, this interview with Jevin Koleth focuses on what you should get more reps in as a student right now!

Check out the full episode here!

Jevin excelled in his career faster than expected, and that is why he is turning around trying to help other people get there too! The truth is this, there are no “secrets” to success – it comes through getting started NOW. No, it won’t be perfect when you get started – the first time I shot a basketball wasn’t pretty either, but after many, many reps, you get there.

Think about the difference, what if the first time you shot a basketball was during your first game? That doesn’t make sense, right? But so many people use that same logic, because they’ll say “I’ll learn more leadership skills after I get a management position”. It doesn’t work that way.

You gotta start now.

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