Why You Should Write Your Goals Down Every Day

There is one reason that prevents people from accomplishing their goals – Lack of Action

Great! Now you know. You have everything you need to know to be able to accomplish every goal you ever have. Right? No? Not so simple? You are correct.

Why isn’t it that easy? Why don’t we take action? Because actions express priorities. If you haven’t truly committed your goals to become your priorities, then what has?

When you set a goal, it is something new that you want to focus on. The hard thing about that is that you have been focusing on all kinds of other things for your entire life, so it isn’t so easy to just start something new. Remember the stories about you learning to ride a bike? Not so easy, right?

You learned how to ride a bike because of consistent effort, coaching, and time spent focusing on it. After a while, you didn’t have to think about it as much, you just kept doing what was necessary to ride.

Setting and achieving goals follows a similar process. You feel motivated, you set a goal, now what? You must invest time thinking about it so you can stay focused on the goal, that way you can remember to DO what it takes to make that goal happen. The BEST way for you to focus on your goals is to write them down daily.


A few years ago, I was feeling frustrated with school and work. It wasn’t what I loved, and I knew there was something bigger for me out there. I wanted to ride a bike but wasn’t practicing every day. I grabbed a notebook and started writing my goals down. The next day I did it again. The next day I did it again. Six months later, I had a notebook filled with the same list of big goals I wanted to achieve in my life. By the end of that six months, I didn’t have to write them down every day, those goals had become part of me. I could ride the bike without thinking about it.

It wasn’t easy, but it was something I was committed to doing. I am SO glad I did. I may have missed a day here and there, but just like getting back up after crashing on my bike, I kept going.

What you focus on multiplies. That means the things you think about become the things you talk about. The things you think about and talk about are the things you start taking action towards. If you want to take action towards your goals, then you need to start talking about them more. To talk about them more, you need to think about them more. To think about them more, write them down! Force your mind to focus where you want. Make sense?

Write your goals down. It doesn’t have to be in the caption of your Insta post, or somewhere that people can see. Find a notebook and start writing, then keep doing it every day! You will see a shift in your actions. Hard decisions will become easy, and you will feel like you are working towards your goals.

How do you stay focused on your goals? Let me know! Share with me in the comments or DM me on Instagram or Snapchat @NixYourLimits.

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